CSP Brush: Simple Watercolor

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UPDATE 2018/02/22 - Added new version, RC Watercolor Tilt & Fade, with tilt controls and more natural brush tip!

UPDATE 2016/10/15 - Added newest version of my watercolor brush that I'm using for a lot of sketching lately! (New texture + slight tweaks to settings.)

A simple and fast brush for Clip Studio Paint to simulate the feel of watercolor sketching. Pay what you want!

Included is:

- 2 Brush files
- Layered, high res example Manga Studio file
- Time lapse video example video

Some tips on using this:

-Don't get too obsessed with it looking like authentic watercolor. The goal of this brush isn't to fool anyone into thinking your art was painted in meatspace. The goal is to have a fast brush that effectively gives a similar feel to watercolor sketching.

-Each time you pick up your stylus the paint "dries", so what you paint next will paint on top of what is there. However, while your stylus is still held down, the paint acts as if it's "wet", meaning that you can use light pressure to blend it, smoothing out wet edges where you don't want them, and then pressing harder and leaving them where you do. You will get fewer seams and edges the more you can work in a single pass without fully lifting up your stylus, and more seams each time you lift up.

-If you find the texture to be too big or intense, it can be tweaked by adjusting the texture density and scale ratio in the Tool Property menu.

-Or swap out the texture entirely with another one in your library!

-Don't forget you can use them to erase too! Just switch your current swatch to transparent.

-Sometimes after I finish painting, I like to duplicate my whole color layer and set to multiply at a low opacity just to punch it up a bit.

75% of all Gumroad profits will be donated to Transgender Law Center at the end of every year.

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CSP Brush: Simple Watercolor

65 ratings
I want this!